A New Beginning

A New Beginning

What’s happening at Wildflower this season? Well have we got surprises for you. Welcome to 2019 and a new location and  consolidation  of Wildflower’s large East end store and small West end flower shop.

Last season ended with big sales and emotional nerves on edge. As we found out in late Summer that our 361 Commercial street location was going up for sale we knew the winds were going to change and point us in a new and exciting direction. We weighed our options on how to move with the shifting sands of the retail business in Ptown and the world. The opportunity to own our own space and build on what sets us apart from the other retailers in town brought a new light to how we could stay in the game. Building a brand takes a lot of work and we have been fortunate to have many successes not only working with clients who live in town but also developing  relationships with new clients. Bringing unique items and flower arrangements to our customers is still our key goal. We've been hunting for fantastic new products such as our new scents and designs from Illume candles, romantic and rustic vases, humorous pillows with expressions to make you giggle as you cozy up, and practical pottery, cutting boards and cutlery with an organic flare.

We are so excited to get back to the flower market and bring the wonders of all those unique flowers of the world to Ptown again.
Grab-n-Go bouquets will be back, our class designs and a new romantic approach to our creative perspective.

Please join us in opening the 2019 season by stopping by to visit our new location and the wonders of a fresh turn on our journey.

Jeff Fresenius
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