Glassware & Serving Sets

Distinctive pieces that are artistic as well as practical for complimenting your homes ambiance and social life style.

Glassware & Serving Sets
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Alabaster Slant Bowl
Medium - Turquoise
Dainty Flutes
Dainty Flutes
Frosted Alabaster Freeform Shallow Bowl -White
Only 2 left!
Freeform Glacier Bowl Medium
Only 2 left!
Recycled Glass Decanter
Only 3 left!
Hammered Martini Glasses
Sold Out
Hourglass Carafe
Only 4 left!
Recycled Rippled Glass Pitcher
Only 3 left!
Alabster Slant Bowl
Large - Turquoise
Recycled Glass Bowl - 
Glacier Medium
Recycled Glass Vase - 
Glacier Large
Opaque White Bowl
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